Only Varaints Display in Product Table

okay, so I came from NI Product table, and I like the Product Table and I want to use it,

everything works, but one major things, I have matrix varaints on most of the items, out of our whole inventory, we have 1D Varaints, and only 1 items with 2D varaint like t-shirts, for example round neck ( Red Color and Black Collors ) and V Neck Red and Black Color,

all the description of the item we carry are long, because we only do wholesale

so I selected in the table just Varaints, but it doesnt show, when I selected the product , it shows the title and varaint, and it becomes very long, so how to show just variant, because title is already on the top of the product page, what am i doing it, it shall be very easy,

also I want to remove - + from quantities too, just type in kind of quantity column

also one more

how to have add to cart as fload or not in every line item, all the way at the bottom