Online Courier Parcel Service System Required


We are building a website for a client who needs a System similar to this website: www.

I am writing down main features:

  1. Homepage or Innerpage Form for Booking
  2. On-Site Tracking System to Track Parcels
  3. A Backend System which will Generate Tracking Code for Each Parcel Booked.
  4. A Agent Login Facilicity where same form will be presented and agent will fill that up upon doin that they can print , email and store , every order must generate 8 digit random tracking code. Which should be tracked as on the site i have mentioned earlier.
  5. An Account/Database System to tell How many parcels have been sent how much money was billed and how was earned also an Invoice Generation Script.
  6. The Invoices must be stored for future requirements.
  7. Multi User Support with ability to add multiple Agents and Super Admin who can monitor and update Tacking information , every time tracking updated it should send email notification whoever is stack holder I.e customer , receiver and booking agent ,

Now If the website will be built on Wordpress so I am looking for suggestion. If there is any such script already present that is even better for me.

Appreciate your help in advance.

Kind Regards

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I develop a system for tracking , booking a parcel,

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some news about a script like this for booking?