Online Archive (museum)

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a template for an online archive.
Over years I collected a lot of old magazines, photos and more about oldtimers; now I want to publish all these articles for free. Haven’t found a template yet for that. Do you now a template for a idea like that?

Thansk and kind regards

I think you can with wordpress. please check these themes and choose one of them to publish those:

Yeah wordpress is okay.

Thanks for the url, but these are a lot of blog and magazine templates. Thats not what I’m looking for. All in all I want to build an digital archive/library/museum with the scanned collection of old magazines, photos and adverts of old vehicles. I dont need a blog or magazine theme. But thanks!

you can try with search and filter from left sidebar. Hope you will get best one for you. Thanks

Also for such site you will need fast web server and optimize all that scans for website. Because you will have very slow slow site with big images and that is not practical.
Try with plugins , you will not find nothing with templates.