One click import & out of memory

Hi everyone ! I’m Max, french :slight_smile:
I’ve got a big problem with a theme that I bought (archi from OceanThemes). I’m hosting on 1&1(starter package) with Wordpress on it. I’m block with the “import demo” with the “OT Theme demo one click import”. I installed all the plugins but when I want to import the Demo Page to have the website (not a block), wordpress says :
Fatal error – Out of memory.

What should I do ?
Is there another way to import the demo theme without import the one click import?
Or should i rename the plugin file ?

Kind regards !


renaming the name of your theme or import file won’t change the fact that your hosting package only includes a very limited amount of PHP memory. Even on the highest shared hosting plans offered by 1&1, the server will never provide more than 130M of memory (even if you request more); since you are on the lowest plan, I would assume that your available memory is much less than that (probably around 64M).

Apparently, your active plugins and theme already use up most of that, leaving not enough for importing a large demo content file. You should attempt the import with all plugins deactivated, as that will open up some memory, which might be just enough.

You can also attempt to request more memory from your server, using instructions like the ones provided in this link …

… but as explained already, there are internal server limits with 1&1 that you can’t exceed.

Otherwise, you should consider upgrading to a better hosting package, as you will run into more memory issues eventually, the more your site keeps growing.

Hi Tekanewa !
Thank you so much for your answer !

I sent a message to 1&1…
In your opinion, what is the best host and server ? Hostgator ? I need to install this theme : (without the e-commerce option).
How much memory I need ?

Hi, the theme authors should know best how much memory the theme itself requires. But the theme is not the only factor, as the number and scale of active plugins matters just as much; every site is unique.

1&1 is a decent enough hosting service; your problem is more the level of plan you subscribed to. Every hosting service has multiple hosting plans, and as always, you get what you pay for. Simply upgrading to a higher plan should also provide you with more memory and performance, but as to which plan is the best for your specific situation and site, is a question you need to ask 1&1. Of course, upgrading to a better (higher) plan also means higher monthly costs.