Oh, finally, Level 5!


Oh, finally! It was very long way with rise and fall, rise and fall, again and again. Progress in the beginning. Stagnation within several months. Regress within last 6 months… And hope progress will come back soon!
Next level seems unreachable. it’s like me standing on the ground and a spacecraft in orbit. But if I am not the astronaut I can be just the space tourist. )))


Congrats U here too man!!!


Way to go Vlad! Hope to join you at Level 5 real soon :slight_smile:




Thank u! Good luck to u!


@Vlad_INSIDE Congrats :+1: Next is mad 6 level badge :grinning:


Congratulations @Vlad_INSIDE :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congratulations! @Vlad_INSIDE :tada:


Congratulations! :tada:
Keep up the motivation and get that Level 6 badge :wink:


Congratulations! Keep it up!