Now i submit plugin with changes please list issue if you find i want fix the issue and move forwad

i submit plugin again with multiple changes and also i set my design and all the issue thay author suggest now i feel its 100% ok

please list me issue if you find ever pleas please do not har reject

Congratulations! Your file has been uploaded successfully. It will be reviewed as soon as possible. You will be notified via email when the review process is completed.

What is the item preview/demo link now?

I think, this one : Sales Report By State,City and Country – WordPress plugin |

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Yes This is the basic demo if you want to check working where I add Screen shot but the package I submit you have complete documentation and picture also you can check their if you have access

Please please list me issue I want to fix the issue and want to publish my plugin

Still get same hard rejection mail and haven’t idea what’s I missed

here is readme file path check please

here is main file path please check ,all the standard check

Here is demo please check and test


please check and suggest what i did wrong

If you keep submitting the same item, you may not be able to submit any item anymore due to your privileges may be revoked.

Change name of plugin ok every submission

It doesn’t matter. It’s the same item.

But can you please verify what I did wrong

For next item I want to correct this mistakes

You can’t be an exclusive author and be selling items elsewhere - another fast track route to getting blocked

But I choose exclusive sell else where

Exclusive means envato only - if the reviewer spots this then they just hard reject an item without looking at it properly.

You have been posting on the several threads with different subjects, in addition to that you’re still keep uploading the item as it is - first, you’re not following any of the rules, second, the item you’re uploading doesn’t have really important features that shops have to have it- addition to that, there’re already some free options you can find over WordPress.Org which make the plugin not worthy to purcase.

Please suggest what I select for selling product furring account creation

We already give multiple feature which is not available in free version

Filter by

Specific Order Statuses
Date range
Specific Product
Specific category
Specific country
Specific state
Specific city
Email order csv
Email product sale csv

These options are not available in free version

You’re not listening what we are suggestion. You won’t be able to get approval with this item. Forget about this one and find better idea.

On he have multiple ideas and plugin

For WordPress, woocommerce and prestashop Also can you please check and suggestions us which one is best idea for Envato That can easily approved

It’s a great kind for you if you give us favors

It’s not premium enough is the short answer - just because you are offering a free version on WP doesn’t make it any better. See what @charlie4282 and @ki-themes has already advised you on. If you keep on resubmitting the item, then you will get locked out anyway. There are other similar plugins online that look better - sorry :wink: