Newbee.. Elements Template does not look like demo and drop down menu not working on mobile.

Hello all, I am new to templates. Just downloaded Socca template kit from elements and when I install the kit the mobile version does not look the same as the demo. On laptop and tablet its fine.

Also the drop down menu os not working.

My test site…
Probably something simple for some guys here…

Can someone please help.
Thank you.

Hi there,

You have customized your site pretty far from the original layouts- to get the same scaling and flow on mobile as the demo, you will need to ensure you’re fine-tuning your customizations in Elementor’s mobile view by scaling fonts and images etc. Please see elementor’s help for this here:

Elementor uses a specific screen width for their mobile mode that won’t necessarily be the same as ever mobile. Your specific mobile may have a smaller or taller screen, for example. If mobile tuning is important for your site, we recommend using the “custom breakpoints” discussed in the above article and using the browser to test your site: