New track-is it worth?

Hello guys, I need your feedback. What do you think about my new track? what i could do better? Thank you

Sound great to me

thanx man!

And what do you think about this track? thnx :slight_smile:

Hello! Great music! >>> So I want to run towards adventure!
Maybe the solo is constantly repeating?
Maybe throughout the music play the same instruments and the same parts?
Maybe the mood throughout the music does not change?
Maybe the music is not fully revealed in all its glory?
Or vice versa, music has a lot of potential and I wants to tell you: “Take your time … This is a great tune, but why does it last only one minute?”
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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This melody sounds very familiar to me, watch out for copyright infringement.

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The begining is too weak but the sounds, melodies and percussions are great. Also try to work a bit more mix to create some more cohesive sound

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Thanks guys for your suggestion!

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Track has been approved :slight_smile: