New token for Avada

I need a working token that Activates Avada and its functions
It is necessary that they deactivate the old tokens and activate the new one.
How can I get it?

For obvious reasons no one is going to share a working code with you.

If you had the theme registered elsewhere then you would need to deregister that before you can reapply one elsewhere


if you need to unregister/deactivate then you can do it from your admin panel. If you don’t have access of old website where the deactivate registered/activated then you have to contact Item author and request them to unregister/deactivate the license from the old domian/website.

contact Item Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased Item Author, Item author will be happy to assist you.

Envato API personal token:
You can generate Envato API personal token here . Please make sure you set required Token permissions. It may prompt you to sign into your Envato account


Thanks a lot

Thank you