My latest Freelance Project:

The 4 images are XML updatable and all animations are custom as well as shape-tween player controls.

Very meticuslous design/dev. work here folks.

Enjoy & please play with everything. lol

Please don’t send us any freelance project requests using the form as it is simply a proof for the client. :slight_smile:

Sean & Danielle P.




What happens if you add more than 4 images? :slight_smile:




quite neat, like the use of white, makes it look really modern.


nice work again Flash_Cart :slight_smile: I like the clean look


Maiko: Thnx

Bobo: If you add more than 4, I build more slots. lol

Assive: ?

Fordeweb: thnx

Jun: I’m glad ya dig it. :slight_smile: Still askin’ for the staff badge. hehe

Later all.

More to do…



Nice, I get the feeling Flash_Cart loves to Shape Tween.


Most definitely.

Learned this technique recently & feel it sets my animation works apart from the ordinary.

It’s had great appeal thus far. :wink: