New Item Still on Review

The shows the review time of mobile is 2days but 5 days already been around still my item on review :frowning:


Actually, that page doesn’t show the “review time”. It only shows historical review time, which isn’t indicative of future review time. Just be patient and your item will be reviewed as soon as possible. Items do not get “lost” in queue. :slight_smile: :+1:

Ok sure. I will do calm :slight_smile:

Again same problem. I think it is just running with me @Siddharth :joy::joy::joy::joy:

6 days been @Siddharth

Hello, hello!

I was working out of HQ the last month and just got back home yesterday. Recovering a little bit from all the travel, haha.

I’ll make sure your item is actioned, by me or someone from the team, ASAP.


When my items are waiting for review I am making next one - I remember waiting 9 days for review (and that was no app but something simple for graphicriver).

so be patient :slight_smile:

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got approved :blush:

This is fortunate or something, when i mentioned Siddharth sir my item got reviewed 3 times haha.