New Elite Author on AudioJungle

Finally I reached this level. I remember what time at 2013 when I dreamed about it and began to walk slowly towards this goal. I just composed what I like, some experement with modern styles
My next goal to get featured file :smiley:

Thanks a lot for envato community

and hope what envato will up their store to new level.

Best Regards,


Congratulations! :champagne:

Big congrats, @Mexikus! :tada:

Congratulations @Mexikus! :beers:

Congrats, @Mexikus! Very cool! :sparkles::champagne:

Congratulations! :tada::tada::tada: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Congrats!! :slight_smile::tada:

Congrats @Mexikus :sparkles: That’s very cool :thumbsup:


Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congatulations Mexikus!!!:gift:

Congratulations, @Mexikus :+1::+1::+1:

Congratulations! I hope all of us will achieve such results, and maybe more!:slight_smile:


Big congratulations! It’s deservedly! :+1: :muscle:

Congrats :champagne: :confetti_ball:

Congrats! :tada::beers:

Awesome Cool Author!

Congrats! @Mexikus !:champagne::tada::confetti_ball:

Congrats! :rocket: