New Badge Unlocked! (Trendsetter)


14h ago I got a new shiny badge on my profile. I was very surprised, because I tought I’ll never get it. I like the design of it so thats why I wanted it so much. I didn’t get any sales, even after 1000+ unique page-views, but there is time for everything in this life, so I’m still happy. :slight_smile:


Thank you sooo much and I wish good luck with sales to all the authors out there!

  • WaterproofThemes

Congratulations @WaterproofThemes :tada: Great achievement :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Cool keep it going!

I’m trying to get more and more advanced… and do more complex stuff.
Anyways, thank you and good luck with selling too!

Awesome, @WaterproofThemes! Love that badge :smiley:

I know, it is awesome. :open_mouth:
Good luck with sales!

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Congratulations @WaterproofThemes :tada: Great achievement :slight_smile: God bless you !!!

Thank you!

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Congrats :star::star::star::tada::clap::+1:

Thank you! :+1:

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Congrats! :sparkles:

Thanks! :blush:

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