Needs Author opinions please !

I’ve been putting my efforts in my project but suddenly and unfortunately get rejected. Please, I need you guys to help me how and what I should do. On a side note (I used the old watermark at the end of the video) but they suppose to rejected as a soft reject.

This is the link to my project and thanks a lot.


love your project is very good! I do not know why they rejected it, it’s excellent.

Thanks a lot dude. I really have no idea why they reject the project and at least they can just explain what should I need to change.

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35 Views and no and replying.

Looks very nice too me. I don´t know why the rejection. It has professional quality. 35 views and nobody says anything it´s because the project doesn´t have much to criticise. But it´s a lottery to get an item approved these days, no matter how much work and time you spend on it. Maybe because they have already a lot of that kind of works. But who knows…
Good luck!!:+1:

Thanks a lot, but should I need to change some scenes and re-upload it again. That is right there is a lot but mine it has different animation anyway thanks for your replying.

What about the other authors can anyone share some feedbacks