Need to speak to someone from Envato regarding two accounts and merging

I have two accounts in Envato, and would like to talk to someone from support about merging them or what other options are there.

I can’t find support email anywhere. It’s the worst when you have to browse through hundreds of forum topics and not discover your specific issue.

Here is the problem:
I have two envato accounts (created by mistake).
One of them is also linked to a paid Envato Elements account. However, all the Themeforest downloads are on the other account, which is not linked to the paid Elements subscription.

I would like to either have the two accounts merged or the Envato Elelemnts subscription transferred to the other account. I have pid the annual fee, otherwise I would cancel and re-subscrible.

You can try messaging Envato Market Help and Support, but typically merging accounts or transferring items if not allowed.

Thank you.
I’ll send a request there.