Need to move the top of page button

Please see photo. Would like to move the top of page button so that it is not over lapping with the captcha logo. Looked on the templets and cannot find it. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

date=2023-02-22 time=13:48:00

Hi @crt7120,

You can add this css:

#scrollUp {
      bottom: 80px !important;



Nice! worked great. I went to site settings >custom css and dropped your code in there. It fixed it for all the templates. Would this be the best way? Also wanted to know is it possible to get to the button in Elementor Pro and use the button tools(see pic) to move also, Have not been able to select with Elementor Pro. If not can I use code to move it left and right?



You have to write css rules as I have provided you. You can contact your purchased theme author for any technical query. Thanks