Need someone to Edit my Marine Ball tickets


Hello all,
I am in charge of organizing most of what is going into my unit’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year and I could use some help. I just purchased some ticket templates that I would like to use, but I need some editing to be done to them. If I’m happy with your work I will probably also employ you for other things like our programs, seating arrangement diagrams, and maybe a few other things.

For this first job I will need someone to edit the ticket numbers, table numbers and seat numbers and change the background picture to something fitting for a Marine Ball. Then on the back I’d like to have a mini seating chart layout so the guests will always have on on them. There will be 350 tickets total. I believe that’s all the information I need to supply for estimates to be given.
I look forward to replies!


Hi JoeshotYouDown717,

Feel free to contact me at my profile page.



I may be able to help you as well :slight_smile:

Contact me if you still need help.


hey bud,
So I am definitely interested in having you do it, was I too vague to ask for an outright estimate?


I’ve been helped, thanks guys!


Please contact me. I will like to help you. :smiley:
My email is


Hi sir im interested to do this for you

email me:
skype: randy.lopez.santillan



hi , if u look for someone with an original style and u like mine, please contact me through my profile page or at
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