Hi guys, I already bought this -

I have redesigned it using similar structure to their site and need someone to code it into HTML for me. It’s a one page landing page design. I will supply that Themeforest HTML file as well as my PSD.

I need this turned around in 1 day. I need someone who has a good rep and profile rating, don’t want people who say they can do something but have no attention to detail.

Please get in touch asap.

Hey There,

I can work on it ASAP.
Let me know how I can contact u and will do now! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

u got skype? message me - umar.salman.k

You do know that the HTML file you bought has its own drag and drop builder which is super super easy to use and build pages (or one page) up as you need.

I have many approved html templates in please contact with me by skype: aftabzaman1 or email:

Is this a fixed price work? If yes, then I am interested. Check out my portfolio and message me using my profile contact form where I can send you some of my latest works.

which drag and drop builder you use and what do you think which plugin is best for this?

That particular one is by the author @medium_rare1 and is above and beyond any other one I have used to date on here or agency side.

It’s intuitive, simple to adapt if needed and the code that is exported is far more solid and less bloated than most HTML builders.