need help with time extantion at the vintage album tamplate

Hi. first time here. maybe you can save me (: ive purchesed the beautiful vintage album tamplete by justpaul. it is a photo album animation, wich enables to insert your own photos between the pages. i would like to insert videos insted of photos, and ive managed to do so; but i cant find a way to extand the seconds between one page to another. originally theres about 5 seconds display to each page, wich is enough for stills but i have to extand it according to the clip length. it must be possible!
i tried sequance splitting, time streching and i tried to link it with premiere pro, nothing works. any tips? i feel like it should be simple and im missing something out.

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face: We have no idea what project you are talking about. It is best to contact the author of the project. The probability that he will see your thread here on the forum is extremely small

I wrote him. He just answered my mission is impossible :frowning: i guese ill have to search for a different tamplate i