Need Feedback before upload. Please!

Hi everyone!

I need some feedback for our new WP theme Experience. It’s the first time we upload on themeforest and we need some advice from professionals :slightly_smiling:

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What do you think? What do we need to improve before upload? Thank you!

Sorry to say but its very dirty.
Need to improove typography spacing colors layout. Almost everything.


Typography is the first thing you need to improve (size, thickness, spacing). You will have to give some priorities.

You should add an overlay to your images because it’s hard to read the text.

Top menu bar needs more work/styling.

“What They Say” section needs to be fixed because parallax effect interferes with text.

Overall, it needs some creative touch.

Hope this will help.

typography needs to improve,

text fonts are very lijerar in some sections working with weights text fonts

Working more details

Good luck

  1. Change Fonts
  2. Remove gradients
  3. Fix button padding and remove bold
  4. Remove RED heart icon, should flow with theme colors
  5. Parallax has a bug doesn’t work properly
  6. Don’t use dark elements on dark background e.g. green buttons over images
  7. Padding and margin between elements is inconsistent
  8. Footer is too simple and margins are again inconsistent
  9. Not responsive at all (check on mobile)
  10. Images used are unprofessional

Thanks to all for your comments, seems like we have some work to do… We’ll improve it and we’ll post it again soon! And thank you again, some of your comments are so helpful :smiley: