Need Developers - Partnership (70% for you)


I’m looking for developers to code my approved PSDs and HTMLs to HTML and WordPress.

Here is my portfolio:

We would split earnings for HTML 50/50 and for WP 30/70 (70 for you) and we can upload the items on your profile.

Please contact me via my Envato profile page if you are interested.



The title is misleading, you write 70% and then it’s 30/60 (???), you might want to edit and fix this.

I have edited post, thanks for letting me know!

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Still active…

i am wp developer
i looking for designer with PSD to develop theme Wordpress.
If you are interested Partnerships, Let’s discuss the conditions,
Workin on one full theme takes about a month (it depends on the complexity, sometimes it takes 15 days). I am making themes for an elite author
You can see my approved projects on TF here:
To strengthen the partnership, I propose first to publish 1-2 topics on my account (income will be divided 70% by 30%)
if you have any suggestions I would like to know about them
If you are interested Partnerships, reply here or send me a private message!

Active again…

70% of what?

You’re kidding, right? :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised how many times somebody says 70% and then somebody comes to the forums later wondering exactly what 70% means.

A simple example… what is your tax withholding rate?

Yeah maybe you are right, it would be good to point that out.

So, it would be 70% from item earnings (after all fees and taxes are excluded).

My witholding tax is 30%, but WP theme would be uploaded on developers profile.

LOL he asked about what 70%. Maybe 70% of item price? :joy:

Yeah, it’s a bit more complicated than people initially think. Always best to clarify everything before whipping up and signing any agreements. Things to consider before any partnership…

  1. Who uploads the item?
  2. Are they exclusive or non-exclusive?
  3. Can they change from non-exclusive to exclusive or vice versa if they want to?
  4. Who will set the price?
  5. What if they want to increase or decrease the price at a later date? Do you have to give approval?
  6. If the person uploading is at 70%* should the partner benefit from that if the item itself hasn’t yet sold anything?
  7. If the person uploading is at 50% royalty rate, but increases to 70% over the course of the partnership, should the partner benefit from that increase, if the item they have partnered on has only contributed a very small amount to the $75K they earned to reach that 70%?
  8. Is the commission split before or after tax?
  9. If the agreement is entered into due to the author being in a 0% tax withholding country (and the partnership split is on earnings after tax) what if the author wants to move to a country that has a 30% withholding rate? Is he not allowed to?

And probably the most important one…

  1. If an author has US tax withheld, and their country has a tax treaty with the US, then they can offset the tax paid against the tax they have to pay in their own country. As the author with the item in their portfolio, it is their responsibility to pay tax on the earnings, and by doing so, they fulfil their obligations with regards to tax. However, if you get 30% of whatever left, although the tax has already been paid for that item, you are still responsible for the tax on that 30% which could take it down as low as 18 to 24% that you’re ending up with.

Example. 70/30 split on a $59 Wordpress item where the exclusive author has a 30% withholding rate and a 50% royalty rate, and you have a 30% personal tax rate (and you’ve agreed the 70/30 split will be after taxes). You’d end up with $3.20 from each sale after tax. Imagine if they were non-exclusive! But then, if the author can offset the 30% back from their tax authority, and write off your 30% split and the author fees as business expenses… (and if they also have a 30% personal tax rate as well), they’ll get $18.32 from each sale after tax. Quite a difference… makes it more like 85/15.

Still… just some bits to think about.

*I know it’s not 70% any more, but a percentage of the item price for authors fees… but easier to just say 70% for clarity.


Well done on this! These are definitely important things to consider and I’m sure that many authors will find this helpful when making agreements.

Still active…


We are WordPress developers and we are very interested in your portfolio

Please add my skype: d_lynk so we can discuss more

(I also sent you an email)


Check your mail please

Check your mail please

@UnicDesign Interested in PSD to HTML