Need a Subscription box theme suggestion based on specific features

Hi, I have some specifications for a website and need a theme closely related to these features:

  • Subscription plans (Annual, Monthly, Weekly)
  • Ability to pause subscriptions for school breaks and provide credits for weekly orders
  • User login and profile management
  • The ability for users to set restrictions on nutrition and allergies to limit menu options
  • Customizable menu options with the ability to mix and match items
  • Automatic order renewal and payment processing
  • Order history and receipt generation
  • Feedback and suggestion page for meal options
  • Nutritional information and location of origin for food items
  • Inventory management and order status tracking for the fulfillment center
  • Shipping notifications and tracking
  • Feedback and suggestions for meal quality
  • Partner program integration with schools
  • Community/charity component for donations to soup kitchens

Can anyone guide me further on related themes that I can use as a starting point, I would need to do minimal custom development to get things done to save time.

This doesn’t sound like a theme rather than a full custom job. You can find some themes/script but there’d be still lots of work to do