Need a freelancer/web designer to help with Bplus: Business & Consultancy Theme

I hired a web designer from Fivver and he had so many issues with this specific template so he refunded me my money, now I need to hire another web designer to help make my site awesome…please help. thanks

Bear in mind you are not going to get anyone worth using for $5

thank you and yes i do understand.

happy to help you
Please add me on skype: jaydenjen123

would you recommend anyone?

To be honest most of the people we work with wouldn’t take on something like that.

At least with envato studio it is moderated and the suppliers are vetted/hand chosen before being allowed to work form there so you have a better idea of what you are getting.

Its hard to suggest not knowing more about what you are trying to acheive but I would always begin the author of the theme especially as they are ‘available for freelance’

Hello there,

I’m available for custom works. You can contact me though Studio or directly via gmail(at) (Remember that 30% of discount for direct payment)