My Vector Design Work is hard rejected, need some feedback.

Well my submitted Vector Icon Pack is rejected. I’ve been told that it is “too far off the standards we require”… I suppose it means that my work isn’t even close to be accepted. Since there wasn’t any more precise explanations, I must ask you to provide some feedback, your opinions about my work.
I am providing to you JPEG preview image, because I don’t know am I allowed to provide any Vector file (.ai, .eps …):

Im not an expert but in my opinion the style of the design is very outdated.

Well I tried to combine modern flat design with vintage elements … but obviously it didn’t work.
Thanks for feedback, it really means a lot to me.

hi indeed , i tend to believe that this is more likely due to the fact that they are looking for something else than what u offer with this icon set indeed. The thing is that nowadays people have interest for flatter and less detailed icons indeed that they can use in many contexts when you item is much nor detailed and drawn. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean that your item is not good but rather that they expect a different style , only this …

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I understand what you mean. I need honest opinions, so I could make proper chnanges in future.

so u can rest assured this is exactly what u are going to get every time with me … i do not see what is the interest to do any other way anyway. The thing is that , unlike what a couple of guys do here sometimes, i also do not see what is the interest to be extremely adamant and inflexible wirth what other guys do. i personally believe that we all need to have good things emphasized too so that we can have a bit confidence in what we are doing. Coming up with a destructive comment is not the way if u ask me, people need to know what requires embitterment but also need to know what is interesting or good in what they have too …

In my opinion. I think it is the colour combination make the design look not very professional. Suggestions, 1 proper theme for the icons ( umbrella vs disk, didn’t see any relationship for that ) , 2 colour combination, too many colours and didn’t follow any design principle.

All the best,

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Thanks for feedback, it means a lot to me. Do you think that inappropriate color combinations could be a reason for hard rejection? … Color combinations are something that could be easily changed, especially in Vector based files…

You are welcome. In my opinion, there is combination of few things that gave the impression of the designer is fairly new. As I mentioned earlier, the icons don’t fit into a theme, also the style of the icons are not consistant. Then, the colour combination. Everything can be easily changed in Vector. But as a designer, a presentation is the key. Not just sell the icons, you sell the package.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you’re not right. I’m aware that there is inconsistency about my icons. I’m just trying to figure out am I suppose to work further on those ions or just drop it and create something new from the scratch.

I don’t think you need to drop the whole thing completely. From my experience, always modify and resubmit, so you know what they are looking for and improve at the same time. You probably want to separate the icons into different packs and give each pack a theme. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and advises. You gave me confidence to redesign and resubmit it again, but this time I will first make post here on Forum to ask for reviews and feedback BEFORE I submit it.