My template Sketch is stop various days :'(

Hi there:

What happened reviewer? not come my email My template Sketch 8 days, I already submit ticket support but already reply but not help me :’( I not can live quiet.

Please help me thanks.



Please help me, I am worry not come email my template thanks.

@lucalogos please help me my forum thanks.

Hi @JeriTeam,

It looks like your submission is waiting for a specific person. Sometimes reviewers need a second opinion of more experienced colleagues. There’s nothing to be worried about, you need to wait a bit more, I assure you that your template will be reviewed :slight_smile:


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The general advice is to contact support after your item has been ‘held for further review’ for over seven days.

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Many thanks all for help me but today already come email soft rejected again regards. :slight_smile: