My quiz script got rejected, it's simple yet very functional with plenty room for updates

Uploaded a php script about 48 hours ago. I got a message to my email that it had been reviewed and the codecanyon team rejected it for no obvious reasons.

The quiz script has a clean, well-commented code, with a very detailed documentation and there’s plenty room for code expansion and updates.

The design is simple, yes, but still does what it’s supposed to do.

Please take a look at the demo, maybe there’s something i’m missing. Don’t ignote.

PS: It’s my first ever upload since I joined envato in 2015. Took 5 years to perfect my PHP and learnt a couple other frameworks and then getting this is really disheartening. I coded the BooBae script with Bootstrap framework.

Demo Url:

Admin Login:
Username: Muze
Password: 1234