My plugin got rejected!! I got an email which said "Your plugin xyz rejected because it didn't meet the quality standards" What does that mean? I want to publish it here anyhow, please somebody help.

My plugin got rejected!! that said, “Your item xyz rejected because it didn’t meet the quality standards.”
What does that mean? My plugin was well built.

It also said that you cannot resubmit it.

The plugin was for eCommerce stores.

Please, somebody, help me how do I get it published now?

Yes don’t submit same script without making changes. Application must contain quality code, doesn’t have unwanted comments, speed of application view, design, it must look standard.
Installation process should be easy with well instructions, application include well documentation.
All the best

So now I will publish along with it my base script. It was only a extension. Now I will publish my base and extension together.

Is that okay?

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