My logo is rejected, please help

Thank you for your introduction. We have completed a review of our Business Logo and unfortunately we have found that it is not in the standard quality required to proceed, and you will not be able to resend the item again. We appreciate the effort and time you put into creating your item. We will be happy to help make sure that the next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here is our advice: visit our forums and ask co-authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be happy to lend a hand. Check out our Help Center article to understand why and how to get items. Remember you can get help, in the form of lessons or skilled professionals, on ActosTotus + and Evato Studio. We hope to see a new submission from you soon! All the best! Does the online quality rating team? Contact our help center.

If you want feedback you need to share the preview image here


hi we could provide u with generic pieces of advice for sure but honestly they would not help u that much as a lot of people have trouble to materialize , so pls post the preview of your item so that we can have a personalized feedback for u :slight_smile: