My logo hard rejected again, just why?

please any help what the wrong about this logo ?

and this !!

I think they’re a good start, but if you look at approved logos you’ll see more is done with the colours and typography. I think your font choice and layout of the text looks pretty bad on the top one - kerning looks too big. Try adding colour to them, plus previewing the top one at a smaller size will look better.

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thank you for reply

and what about this logo ?


Hey @waleedmalraggad please post your logo with some sort of protection (an Watermark is perfect). Someone can steal your work if you post it on PNG format :slight_smile:



Thanks for your helpful reply

Hey @waleedmalraggad the first logo is good for me but the second i dont know its more fake i mean try to adjust the
head to the body ? anyway good luck !

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thank you