My HTML template was hard rejected, please help me to find bugs in my design ?

Hello community! My item was hard rejected and I don’t know reasons why. Can you help me to find bugs

And maybe do you know what are the best guidelines for landing pages on Themeforest.

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First off it is far too basic, lacking in premium features and there are several fundamental design problems.

However more importantly: stealing other peoples’ work is no allowed.

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But I did not stall this item. I was impressed by this work and I made myself work that is based on current work. If you see in code - on my landing page - it is quite different

Regardless of the code the design is near on identical with different pictures, the copy is the same

Everything needs to be original both in design and code

Thanks, one question - if I remade design on my own - can I send this item again for review?

And can you advise me best guidelines for quality standard of HTML templates

There are no guidelines (all items should be unique), it’s just about best practice, modern design, originality, functionality - it’s a “premium marketplace” so whatever is sold needs to offer something of value that warrants people spending money on it over finding a free alternative.

That other link, aside from the similarities with the other item is way of the standard - the original is almost 4 years old so you would not only need to make it much more original but also update it, add new features and functionality etc. so almost certainly would be easier to start from scratch