My first broadcast license and personal target 50 sales


Hi, Jungle!!! My account last week reached the goal of 50 sales, and one item was sold under broadcast license. This is very encouraging and offers hope that I will succeed. Just wanted to say this event gave me to understand that you need to spend more time on the development of your account, because here you can actually make money and have fun.

I wish you all good luck, and thanks Jungle!!!


Congrats! Whish you many sales! :pray:


Congratulations, man! I am a newcomer and such posts really encourage


Congrats !!! God Bless you )))


Congrats feels so good when you sell a Broadcast license. Enjoy it and keep motivation!


Excellent! Congrats!


Nicely done, keep plugging!


Congrats on your first milestone, @kyvalin! Keep up the great work!


Congratulations on achieving your first goal! Good wishes on your next, and next, and next…:slight_smile:


Thanks to all, friends!!! I truly pleased to hear it :slight_smile:


I have Broadcast and film too )))


nice! i’m very glad for you! i also have pretty much close to yours achievements…
if you want, we could ,make friends in AJ


of course let’s be friends :slight_smile:


That’s nice to hear! Congratulations for your achievement! And … on the broadcasting license :slight_smile:
It means your music will be used on a big project, which probably is even better than the money it brings!


Thanks! You are absolutely right, most pleasant to realize that you did something worthwhile.

Thanks to all for you congrats, friends!!!


Wow, congrats kyvalin.


@kyvalin I love those big licenses ! :slight_smile: everyone does ! :slight_smile:
Congrats dude !!!


Thanks Bro!! :slight_smile:


Thank You :)))


Congrats!:clap: I wishI you inspiration and more sales!