My Customer has bought new license them

One of my customers has purchased his own copy of the Total Word Press theme. How do I remove my license from him in my account?


Dave Mongillo

Best option is to ask the author but presumably it’s just a case of swapping the purchase code on the theme admin

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Hi Charlie,

I remember reading somewhere on the Envato site that I should somehow disassociate my license for the theme from their business as they have now purchase their own.

I just forgot where on ThemeForest or Envato to do it.


Dave Mongillo

If you mean registering then the author may have a bespoke way to do this esp given how established and highly regarded @WPExplorer are as an author.

I can’t see anything in their documentation but I would still confirm the process with the author

Hello! You can manage your licenses in our support site dashboard (here’s a quick guide on where to find them). We try not to provide support via the forums though, so for any future questions be sure to use our support site or just leave a comment on the theme page so our dev team can help :slight_smile:

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