Music Quality on Envato Elements

I wanted to provide some feedback as a customer, maybe someone from Envato or even some authors read it. I don’t deny there is value in the Envato Elements subscription. As a video editor, I used quite a lot of stock footage from this website. But when it comes to music… it’s a BIG disappointment. After so much time since it launched, Envato Elements is still a very bad subscription based service for royalty free music. This is not even music - it’s just loops and loops and loops… and LOOOOOOOOPS. It’s frustrating. Yes, you can find some real gems in here too. But at what cost? Searching the website for hours? No thanks. As an author you might think you “win” if you upload many, many songs here. Envato also probably thinks they “win” if they have a huge catalog. But in reality, clients grow tired of searching without finding what they need and eventually they go somewhere else for music. Cheers!

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