Music Plagiarism (Melody)

Hello dear All! :slightly_smiling:
Soā€¦ I would like to ask you, what doest it mean ā€œmusic plagiarismā€ ā€œmelody plagiarismā€ ? How many notes in melody is a plagiarism and how is not?
It would be perfect to post some links if you have, or examples.

P.S. Is it trye that in USA melody plagiarism when some one taked 11 notes, and 10 notes is not a plagiarism?
Thank you!

I wouldnā€™t say it was that clear cut. There probably are some rules that the courts use to decide, but Iā€™d be surprised if it was as simple as 10 notes is ok, 11 notes or more isnā€™t.

If it was, then you could get away with the entire five-note tone from Close Encounters, the ten main notes in the Rocky theme, the ten main notes of the chorus from ā€˜All you need is loveā€™ by the Beatles etc etc etc.

I thought it was 5 notes max, but depending on style, tempo etc.
Better not search the limit!