Music author/publishing info?

Where do i find this info for each cut?

Hi. On the right side of each item you will find two boxes - composer and publisher data, but they are visible only if author is registered in PRO and if he has provided this information.

Ah, yes. Thanks. This one says “No” to PRO affiliated, though the authors name was downloaded with the track, but i just didn’t see any other publishing info. So i’m using the author’s name, then “Audio Jungle” for publisher, and going out on a limb that ASCAP the permission grantor.

AND…maybe you can help me with this…i have a track called, “The One That Got Away.” It’s an instrumental, upbeat country, guitar thing, but i can’t for the life of find out any info on where i got it. I’ve Googled and found 5 other songs with that title, but not this one. The full track length is 3:22.

Exactly. You can optionally send message to composer and ask him for data.

Do you have the number of your item? Usually it’s in the name of track.