Multiple WordPress Plugins hard rejected ( Each time within few minutes we get hard rejection )

Hello mates,

This is I’m writing to know the reason that we have written the code of the Plugin in a particular manner ( oops concept ) and tested it on different WordPress. We have provided the documentation and Preview Screenshots as well for the understanding of the end-user / Administrator.

we are getting Hard rejections without informing any reason. if you guys share your thoughts or anything with us if there is any improvement so we should do it in the future.

It is completely demotivating us as we are uploading any new item on this platform and getting hard rejection within a few minutes without any reason.

Thank you and Regards!



This doesn’t sound like a premium item as well as there’re free WordPress plugins to achieve this problem/solution

Hello @ki-themes, Thank you for your comment.

Once you purchase Any paid Item, As I believe Authors are committed to providing you with the best service and support.
Nowadays, I have seen many free plugins which are not working nicely or are not compatible. Even if the Plugin is free and working fine, In any exceptional case, If the Developer of website owner needs help from the Plugin Author, they really need to wait much. So, in that case, User will not get any type of prompt support from the Free items Authors and in this case, if any user gets these paid items at a nominal cost, They will definitely choose to buy the same and save their precious time.

I hope you make sense of what I’m trying to say.

Thanks again & Regards!
Have a great day.

There’re also too many items not working/compatible with the latest version of the WordPress, the point is when there’s a free option, noone would pay for the paid one. In addition, the idea in general is not good enough. You should find better idea