Movember Challenge 2018


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Get ready for Movember!

It’s time to channel your inner Magnum P.I., Ron Swanson or Hercule Poroit! It’s the time that all guys (or gals) love and all our partners hate :stuck_out_tongue: It’s Movember!

Throughout November we will be inviting all community members to help raise awareness and funds for the lives of men affected by cancer and mental health problems via the Movember Foundation.

How Does it Work?

Authors and customers with facial hair unite! Simply grow, groom, and share your facial hair during November! Even females can enter if they desire (be creative, ladies!). Be inspired by checking out last year’s highlights.

How Do I Enter?

  • Take a cleanly shaven, fresh faced photo of yourself before you start growing your mo and post to our forums on or before November 6!
  • Do not shave for the entire month of November and grow that mo!
  • On November 30, take another photo of the behemoth you have grown upon your dear face, and post the before and after photos throughout your Movember journey! Both photos are required!
  • You may post your cleanly shaven face at the beginning of the event if you wish, just remember to post both before and after photos on November 30!
  • Optional: Please visit the Movember Foundation and learn more about their work and charitable endeavors, and if you are so inclined, please consider donating to their cause and efforts.

What Can I Win?

We’re giving away the holy grail of all community badges - the Mo Bro for everyone who enters, and the Mo Bro Pro for the grand prize winner!


  • All community members will decide who wins!
  • You are welcome to vote for your favorite entries at any point during the event, but only entries that include a before and after shot will be eligible.
  • Vote for your favorite entry by simply clicking the “like”/heart icon below your favorite entry right here in this thread.

Let us know via a comment below if you will be participating! GOOD LUCK!

This year will have “Movember 2018” (Mo Bro badge) ?

:bearded_person: :scissors: :blonde_man: 1 november 2018



Hilarious! :joy::joy::joy:


Finally, I’m in. :muscle::+1::ok_hand:


Let’s try :wink: The morning of November 1, 2018


Lets go!


I’m in matter)


I haven’t seen my whole face in about 10 years. In fact, my girlfriend has never seen it…

…I miss my beard.


Let’s try :smile:


Challenge accepted! :wink:




Let’s try, never used a beard before haha


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks and good luck to all for participation in this fantastic Movember 2018

I feeling sad after losing my beards :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:


1 november


1st November :slight_smile:



I’m in. Lets try Movember Challenge 2018P1K0


freezing, I think I will have facial paralysis :cold_face:


Let There Be Rock’n’Mo!
Now it’s way better!