Move bought items to the new account?



Hello, have common account with my good friend and we have bought about 15 themes etc.
Now we can separate our items so I created this new account only for me. Is there any way to migrate my bought items to my new account?

Thank you.


I dont think so


I think you can. But you can open a ticket and ask the team…
If they agree with this issue you will need to upload your items again (review, etc) and to remove from the other account of course.


You can always try contacting support, but I’d be very surprised if they allowed this. Currently you, or your friend, has one account… which in theory, only one person should be able to access and manage. If you now have two accounts, then two people will have, or will have had, access to the same files. That would go against the non-transferable (and therefore, non-shareable) nature of the item licenses.


Thank you for your answers.