Moodle Theme (Urgent Requirement)

We are group of consultants for leading LMS services and currently we have an urgent requirement of acquiring a theme which supports attached requirements for a VIP client.

Appreciate if you could guide to get an latest and quality Moodle Theme which satisfy the requirements mentioned in the following link.

Further, please provide us a demo theme of such moodle themes in order experience the same & make the purchasing.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.



You can get help or customization support from that moodle theme author @createdbycocoon right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Actually, we were used to utilizing several other moodle themes in our projects.

However, one of our clients has requested a fully customized LMS platform and we are these days searching for a theme which facilitates his requirements.

When we get to know your theme, it seems to be it can be managed with slight changes.

Please let us know, how we can get a demo (not activated) version of your theme to install our moodle platform and examine the same whether it fits for our clients requirement. If there are customizations to be done, will inform. If it is successful, we guarantee that we will get your theme not only for this one but for all our future projects as well.

Please assist.

Thank you very much !


here you can get that item demo

For clarity - you won’t get an installable demo version. The link shared by @unlockdesign is the closet thing.

Please be aware that.

  • customisation is not included or covered by future support and you / your client needs to be prepared for hundreds if not thousands of $ depending on the complexity of the customisation.

  • any included support / updates will not cover customised features

Dear All,

Txs for the feedback.

At least, pls let me know whether it is possible to branch courses view as categories --> sub categories -->courses–> lessons as a horizontal menu at the home page. (This menu should be sync with actual courses, not hard corded )

Pls refer req - 03 of the following document.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

I am currently working on a Moodle Theme, I have downloaded the PDF , I will update here when it is ready.