Modal pop-up addon not working on sidebar position in SP page builder

Hello! I am working on a website with Joomla 4 and SP Page Builder as a plugin, and I have just created a modal pop up addon with the shape of a button with an internal loadposition, therefore including another module, called Modulo richiedi info. moreover, I have created two different buttons working alike, but for two different purposes: one of them will be visibile only on tablet and mobile and was added to an article, while the other one will be visibile only on desktops, and was added to a sidebar position and therefore belongs to a sp page builder module. when adding this {loadposition modulo_rich_info} in the text editor of the modal pop up addon, the one inside the article works fine and the modal included via loadposition is visible, but when I do the same thing on the modal in the module of the sidebar, the inner module of the pop up doesn’t show up, and instead only the {loadposition modulo_rich_info } text is visible. is anyone able to tell me why does this happen? and how can I fix this issue? I thank you very much in advance for your help.

PS. The template I am currently using is the following:


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