Millions of Creative Assets. Unlimited Downloads

I, Millions of Creative Assets.
Want to join Unlimited Downloads program, can i download html5 game .zip in it.

there you will get a very few html5 game in envato elements. you can check it by yourself use the top search filter with keyword game.

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I do not want to see, I want to download to upload to the WordPress site.

for this at first you have search to find a item for your need. if any item within existing items on evato elements can meet your requirements then you can download.

Otherwise you can certainly purchase Item license from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.

Then what is Millions of Creative Assets in which. Unlimited Downloads is described.

Unlimited downloads of 54+ million creative assets.

but there is no guarantee all items will be beneficial for you. you have options to check the listing items or search your required items. if you think will be beneficial for you then you can subscribe. Subscription is totally up to you.

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well by UNLIMITED i understand everything is that real ?
For example, i am willing to subscibe, but if i cant download (i will put just an example here - Kitring - A Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Theme ) then i must ask what is the point subbing ?
If i can download a theme when i need i will subscribe and i will be happy.
But if i subscribe and i cant download what i need, then no point to do it.

So which version is the truth ? Can i sub and download what i need ? Of course nobody want abusers - downloading tons of themes. 16 euro per month is not a big deal if i can download theme when i need.
So i will wait for your replay then all depend what answer i will get.

Thank you in advanced

Why can’t you download what you need after subscribing? After subscribing, you can download anything from Envato Elements

Kitring theme is not included in Envato elements. you will be able to download all existing items only from Envato elements not from the Envato market (like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon).