Membership Software that integrates with phpBB or a forum

Hi team,
amazing website here! I’m addicted. I’m not much of a programmer, so it’s great to find all this stuff here that I’d spend weeks on otherwise. Merry Christmas all!

I just wanted to know if someone could make and/or point me to a membership code which allows users to login to my site, have their own profile page, and also not have to log in AGAIN with a separate ID for my forum (I just have phpBB installed, but I can change that if I have to with no worries), so that it’s a seamless experience.

Looking forward to your replies!

Hey Kate.

I just finished the phpbb3 plugin for Easy Member Pro.

Its available with version 3.0, which is set to release on Jan 16th.

Were currently using it with our forum.

This plugin allows forum members to be created automatically, activated automatically, and assigned proper group permissions. same goes for deletion, and deactivation, and group removal.

Members are auto logged in to the forum when they login to the easy member pro members area.

Group permissions are assigned to membership levels.
You configure which membership levels are related to forum groups.

I think its the best out there, but I created it so …

Here a link.

No bias, right? Hahaha, thank you very much. I’ve bookmarked your website, and it looks like a very promising set of software!

Cheers =]

Looks nice. I already have an established community site running phpbb3. All I need is a membership system for accepting payments and choosing different levels of membership. Once a member submits payment, he/she gets added to the appropriate group. Member reminders occur before term expiration, etc. Could you tell me what exactly your plugin for phpbb3 does? Is it fully tested and working bug free. I am extremely interested.

thanks so much,