Member credentials

I think it would be great if it was mandatory for all users to list their credentials. I see so much advice but no way to determine the qualifications of the member giving the advice. This would be especially useful if the member is critiquing the work of others.

I have seen this as a requirement for membership in other online forums.

Also those who judge member works submittals should list their credentials.

More often than not, the people who bother to reply to threads are those who know what they are talking about.

A lot of users have their network badges on their profile which shows their experience on envato, potentially author sales, awards etc.

The challenge would be that beyond these credentials, it would be impossible or at least very tough to validate any others, plus quite often the best creds or experience available does not necessarily make people the right ones to respond to queries.

Often it’s not just about what degree or certificates people have - reviewers are chose based on proven professional expertise but also their knowledge of the marketplace, what sells or doesn’t, trends and much more (hence badges for years of experience here, sales, purchases etc.)

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