May 16th Elements payment failed (Payoneer, older payment system)

:warning: Important note: If your Payoneer payment failed today, please DO NOT change your details.

We’re still investigating the cause of this issue, and will have more information about re-trying failed payments when we know more about what has caused it. In the meantime, don’t change the Payoneer details listed on your account.


What if we already change the detail? I changed it according to the issue before the announcement.


@roywj We’ll still be able to sort out your payment - it’s just a bit easier to identify all the people affected, when the original details are still in place. We will still make sure the payment is retried after the issue has been fixed.

If anyone else has already made payment method changes over the last few hours, please don’t stress - we’ll have more information on when and how you will be paid tomorrow.


I have THE NEW payoneer payment system And yet I’m having a problem… I haven’t received a payment…

I’ve linked my payoneer bank account (bank of america ) normally with swift payment system (one month ago), exactly as you instructed.
But the system doesn’t work.

Where can I change the payment method to a new one?

I have recently set up a new Elements payout system as recommended. I wrote down Payoneer data from its Receiving accounts section. Didn’t change anything else. As result I received email today - “Envato Elements: Your payout could not be processed”. At the same time I received payment from CodeCanyon to Payoneer without problems. It’s as if the old method is just disabled and the new method doesn’t work. Or I don’t understand what’s wrong.


Same here, payout failure. Yesterday market payments was OK. Opened support ticket, the number is 3208480

I have the same

Hi @BenLeong!

19 days ago, I asked if I needed to take any steps to set up a new method.

I received a response that no action is required yet.

I just received an email that my payment failed.

When trying to set up a new method, I still get the following message

When I clicked on the link above, I got to the payment method selection page, where I was asked to choose a payment method!!! Although I did not disable the old payment method !!!

Now a question. Why didn’t I receive my payment today?


Also received a refusal to pay. A payout came from the videohive. Letters about the transition to the new system did not come, I’m still on the old one

same problem…

I have the same situation. It looks like they broke something with their innovations.

Hi @BenLeong !
I didn’t receive my payment today either! I have two accounts and I received a message that the payment failed!
The second invoice payment did not come, as did the message …
When will you repeat payments?
Next month???

Payment to Payoneer didn’t go through to me for Elements. We authors all need the money, please make sure you guys will send the payment within this month and not wait until next month payout.

a few months ago we normally followed the instructions given by envato …about the account we all have on payoneer …
We switched to swift and linked the bank of america account that our payoneer account is linked to .


the same

But I didn’t change the payoneer as it was from earlier should i change anything today to get my payment tomorrow? Or let it as is for this month to get my earning and then change it for new june payment?

But why, WHY do you suggest in the first email to check your payout details first?! What a mess! I’ve already went down that link to see that my Payoneer payout was verified last autumn (the last time Envato asked to change details, and then reverted), which by the “new” letter this spring was still OK and needed no change. I go through that link - on the left side it’s said authorized last OCT, and on the right side there’s no method checked at all, of course everyone will click on Payoneer, and it will “update” the authorized payout method to today’s date… But still no one made any changes really.

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