Masonry used in templates

I found out the Masonry can’t be used in themeforest themes, so why authors use it anyway and why reviewers approve it ?

What do you mean can’t be used? Lots of themes are using it, it’s a native WordPress feature.

native ? As far a I know it isn’t native

Everysingle custom theme it has it’s own native functionalities that are more or less native.

Most of the authors are not reinventing the wheel they are using someone else wheel (some are paying some not)

I would like to know if reviwers check the license of this

It is native, check here - - search the page for “masonry”. Also, check this link -

Yes you are right I was actually talking about isotope I confused the scripts.

I didn’t knew about this

Thank you

Do you have a link to the source you’re referencing? The license certainly used to allow it.

You can use isotope if you buy developers licence, which isn’t expensive.

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