Loyalty Program - Rewards Points


Hi everybody,
from long time i’m looking in the net for a simple PHP script for manage rewards point with a simple catalog…
what i need is something like that:

a php/mysql script that have an admin and an user interface, where i can add user and assign them some points (not based in a e-commerce platform).
The rewards points will assigned to each user based on the amount that each client introduced by a specific user will pay to our company. For example the user “John” introduce to us a client “Mike”, Mike will buy from us services for a total amount of 10.000 USD, in this case John will receive 100 points, assigned by the admin to his account… with this points John will be able to see in his account how many points he have and require prizes from a specific online catalog for the total amount of the points he have…
ok… sorry for my english… :wink:
Basically i think is not something complicate, but i didn’t find anythink like this online, i just found modules for e-commerce etc…

Please, if anybody know a script like this or are able to produce something like this, feel free to contact me at office@clearfocused.com

kind regards


Hello Davide,
I can help you with your php script, contact me through my profile page so we can discuss further details.