Looking to link team member pages to portfolio projects

We are a nationwide construction company. Our geographically regional trade crews are highly sought after for by industrial clients. We would like to highlight portfolio projects (“our projects”) and tie them to a particular team member, and vice versa; so when the site visitor finds the team member they like it will have their private portfolio on their detail page.

One last thing. Our team members we likely be the entire crew itself, not a particular person. So the team member’s detail page will need to ability to have multiple pictures or at least one large 7-person crew picture, and maybe even a introduction video from the crew leader.

Hello @jctind

I believe you can accomplish this with a so called “team showcase” plugin. You can find a couple of such plugins for instance on codecanyon, to name just a few: https://codecanyon.net/tags/team%20showcase?date=this-year&platform=WordPress&term=team%20plugin#content