Looking for Wordpress plugin

Hello there guys!

My question is simple. Im looking for a plugin and maybe you can help me because I dont really know what keywords to use in Google to find that kind of plugin - if its even exists.

I have a WP page of course and I would love to have som plugin which will do this:

  • When user type my address in browser, before the homepage itself it will pop-up some nice page (I dont want pop-up over homepage, I want that to be page with custom background, like totally different page) with lets say TOP This Month articles or something like that. I imagine this (but it doesnt need to be exactly same) like 2-3 pictures of articles with title and customizable background.
  • Important thing is that user can choose between “Continue, Dont show again until update, Dont show ever again.” so i dont have to bother people over and over again.

Is something like this even possible to do with wordpress?

Thanks for ideas!