Looking for WordPress developer to convert one PSD.

Hello everyone.

I’m looking for WordPress developer for partnership, to convert PSD to WP. You can release it in your account.
If you have free time and you know WordPress, we can discuss details.

link for PSD - http://themeforest.net/item/sudzuki-parallax-business-onepage-psd-template/6855621
I know the product is little bit outdated, but anyway it can be good and simple one/multipage theme.

If you interersted, comment here or use contact form in our account DeoThemes.

Thanks for your attention.

Text me on skype: nasir-2525

If you’re planning on uploading it to ThemeForest, it won’t be approved.

I want to working of your Wordpress development project.

My skype id is kazikamran2

My website is https://www.kazikrafts.com/


Can you explain why it won’t be approved?
As I know from my previous experience, once PSD approved it can be approved in any other category if you mention the link to reviewer.


Unfortunately not at all - in fact there have been numerous threads recently about HTML sites (let alone PSD) that have not been accepted as WordPress.

As you pointed out the design of this one is a little on the outdated side plus since it was released there have been so many others in this style that it is no longer just about the design (which owuld need modernizing), but also that there needs to be more to make it stand out and compete in a crowded space

The design is outdated, old (almost 2 years) and even PSD’s approved 2-3 months ago are no longer approved as WordPress lately.

Trust me on this, you have false hopes and you’re wasting the time with it, unless you work and improve it. The standards have improved quite a bit in the last 2 years.

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