Looking for WordPress Developer for approved HTML theme.

Hey all,

I’m looking for someone to take my approved HTML & PSD theme to WordPress. Compensation will be based on your quality of work.

Sadly, since I am in the military, I just cannot get this done by myself and am looking for someone qualified to do so.

You can check my account for the sales and feedback.

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You have a year old html. not sure if that will get approved or not

I understand. However, I do believe that as long as the vision that I had for that design can come to life with a little integration of provided WordPress plug-ins, it’ll make it and sell like hot cakes since that market is rather dull. Really only one author has control over the gaming niche.

The design/html version I had is something people have been asking for, for a while, just couldn’t get the time to make it.

Bump, anyone else?

Do you want to hire developer or would you like to split 50 - 50 ?

I’d like to split 50/50. However, I’m willing to work things out

Anyone else?

Hey Deriggs007,

No doubt the PSD & HTML theme is converted into WordPress with experience. I mean the experience is needed in this. You can get services of this process at reasonable price online. All you need to do is just specify your requirement only with the one you will hire. I am having the experience in this but the concern is what version you are looking for?